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How to market your online courses


If you have created an excellent online course but are still struggling hard to find people who are interested in buying your course then you need to understand that it is not your course which is not selling. It is just that you are not making it visible to your target audience.

Read this article till the end to know how you can do the marketing Sell of your online courses.

How to market your online courses?

1-   You need to have a dedicated website.

Having your own website is as important as creating the course because you will definitely want a place from where your students can know about you and your courses. Having your own website gives you the opportunity for Search Engine Optimization to drive buyers to your courses organically. Are you finding it hard to create your own website, we suggest you to look no further than Spayee. It’s our personal favourite.

2-   Start writing Blogs.

-        Simply having a website is not enough, Google rewards sites that consistently publish engaging and valuable content. Your audience can know about what you are offering in your courses when you share information about them in your blogs. Blog about topics which are related to your niche and make sure you use relevant keywords.

3-   Don’t forget to mark your Online Presence.

-        Create dedicated accounts of your online school on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Twitter.  Don’t use them only for adverts instead regularly post content which is engaging and also provides value to your target audience. Encourage people to comment and interact with you and build conversations. Do everything that you can to get them engaged and keep them engaged.

4-    Paid Ads.

-        Apart from SEO, paid advertising is a great way to guide more traffic to your site and increase business. With time, the organic reach of the platform goes down, so you can not always depend on the organic reach of the platform. Ads can be created in mere minutes and there are various tools that can help to create the necessary images. Today nearly all social media platforms have paid advertising facilities and

5-   Email Marketing.

-        Don’t forget to build an email list because it will help you to nurture your leads and convert them into customers. The best advantage of email marketing is its lower cost. It will also help you in keeping your leads updated about your upcoming courses and webinars.

6-   Stay connected with learners after the sale.

-        Connect with your learners on a regular basis like you can have weekly webinars where you can get the feedback/reviews from your learners. You can also inform them about your upcoming courses through these live webinars. This will also help you in building trust among your target audience. When your learners feel connected with you, they will start referring you to their relatives/friends/colleagues. Use Spayee, it offers public forum and course wise discussion and you can also engage with your learners using messenger.

7-   Don’t forget to build your Personal Brand.

-        Last but not the least it is extremely important for your business to have your own Personal Brand. You will attract more leads and customers when you have done your personal branding right. It will help you in building trust among your target audience. By building your strong personal brand you are giving a face to your business and it is always a good idea. It will help your customers to relate with you on a personal level.  Yes, it is true that building a personal brand takes a lot of hard work but the benefits which it will bring to your business will make it worth it.

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What Role Does RFID Technology Play in Footwear and Apparel Industry?

Everyone has heard about RFID or radio frequency identification – a technology used for identifying and tracking inventory and assets. The modern-day footwear and apparel industries are investing in RFID because it can keep thefts at bay, increase sales, and positively contribute to customer experience. To know more, please check out the given discussion right now.

Smart Inventory Renovates Retail

The experts offering RFID solutions for warehouse said they make sure to help the retailers manage their product catalog without any hassle. The resultant ROI (return on investment) from using RFID is speeding up the migration of the brand-owners and retailers to a transformational modification inside the industry. When one notices the change within the RFID markets, they agree it is a completely

With more than 300,000 stores and about 40 billion sales every year, the footwear and apparel industry initially used to deal with inventory through a barcode system. However, owing to the phenomenal evolution of customer purchase patterns, unprecedented changes are occurring – ones that only RFID can handle. Major examples include omnichannel models, step function improvement, immense competition, etc.

With a large number of RFID tags already available and with thousands of top retail establishments using it on a daily basis, you do not have to anymore wonder whether the technology will work or not. Now it is time to customise it as per varying requirements and expectations.


The RFID solutions for inventory management allow the retailers to know exactly what they possess; thus, they are capable of delivering what the customers want within a stipulated period. This is primarily accomplished because the retailers have thorough knowledge about their current stock.

The inventory accuracy and decreased out-of-stock problems translate into amazing enterprise operations developments:

·         The sales escalate in the stores by 7%.

·         The reduction in the inventory is between 6% and 11% inside the supply chain.

·         The cancellations are reduced by 50%.

·         There is no more need for manual counts.

The retailers using RFID enjoy tangible ROIs, which pave the way for plenty of other benefits in their enterprise.


The footwear and apparel industries using RFID also have to face a few challenges. But these can be eliminated if a retailer agrees to leverage his/her experience, exclusive strategies, and the global footprint.

The challenges that must be addressed at the moment are as follows:

·         How to determine the right kind of RFID?

·         How to determine the usage?

·         How to build item-level cases?

·         How the solutions scale down the road?

·         What is the most cost-efficient and non-disruptive way to receive encoded RFIDs?

·         What does the integration of RFID with the existing systems look like?

In this amazing new era, the consumers want an experience that will help them purchase products wherever and whenever they want. And they wish to do all this knowing that the sale procedure will suit their needs without hassle. Well, to get RFID for your footwear and apparel store, please rely on an authentic provider who assures quality as well as affordability.

Five Tips in Cryptocurrency Trading You Should Follow

Every day we listen to stories concerning cryptocurrency trading on multiple news outlets, and the latest price correction has created uncertainty.

However, that's precisely the dilemma; everybody wants to point out the problem, but in truth, no one seems focused on offering remedies. And all that is sufficiently diligent to direct others are paying for online classes, paid lectures, and more. Here are helpful tips to lead your trade-in a moment when the market looks turbulent, for which you have to pay careful attention and the best for day trading.

Establish a purpose for doing each trade

Now, you must have a specific target in the cryptocurrency company. If it is a company or a scalp, you need a target to start cryptocurrency trading. Trading digital currencies is a zero-sum game; you must know an acceptable loss for any win. Everyone is gaining; someone else is losing.

The cryptocurrency business is dominated by massive 'whales,' just like those who market thousands of Bitcoins. And what do these whales do best? They are patient; they wait for innocent merchants like you and me to make a single mistake, which lands our capital because of avoidable mistakes.

If you're a broker or a scalper, you will often make no difference from a particular company than rushing into losses. Through our years of consumer research, we can confidently conclude that you can only be successful on certain days or times while holding off individual companies.

Set profit goals and utilize stop losses

If you haven't heard of the word stop trading failure, look at this connection to help you grasp what it entails.

Any transaction we join allows us to recognize whether we will make a bitcoin profit or not. Clear stop-loss thresholds will allow you to reduce your losses, which is very unusual for most traders.

The option of stop loss is not a spontaneous occurrence, and maybe the most crucial factor to remember is that your feelings do not take you away – a perfect point to place your stop loss at the expense of your coin. For example, when you have purchased $1,000 cash, set it as a minimum point for exchanging the coin. This means that if the worst occurs, you will get away with what you spent.

The same refers to benefit amounts if you plan for a certain minimum profit from the market; please adhere to it. Don't be gullible; nobody is a pleasing hue!

Beware of FOMO

For fear of losing out, FOMO is an abbreviation. This is one of the most famous explanations that many traders struggle with. Externally, it's never a pleasant scene to see people making huge money from pumped coins in minutes. Honestly, I never like circumstances like that better than you do.

Be alert as the green candles start to yell at you and suggest to you to climb in. At this stage, the whales I mentioned above would grin and watch you purchase the coins at low rates before. Guess what follows usually? The only thing that happens is that the red candles will start showing up owing to surplus production, and, voila, losses begin to sweep away.

Manage trading risks

Tiny pigs feed a lot, but large pigs eat a lot. This particularly relates to market gains as cryptocurrencies are exchanged. Wise traders never race to big profits; neither, they don't!

 They would rather sit on the Bitcoin official app to earn limited yet definite gains from daily transactions.

Try spending further in a less liquid market in your portfolio. These high trades need more tolerance, whereas stop loss and benefit goals are also distributed from the purchasing stage.

 Underlying Assets Create Volatile Market Conditions

Many altcoin values rely on the current Bitcoin market price. It is essential to understand that Bitcoin is relatively volatile to fiat currencies.

The simplified version is that as Bitcoin value rises, the altcoin value declines and vice versa.

The business is typically nebulous as the price of Bitcoin is unpredictable, stopping any buyers from having a good view of what is going on in the market as you would expect. It is advisable at this level either to provide immediate goals for our transactions or not to trade.

JD.com News Shares Continued Growth of Company as it Innovates and Transforms


Chinese e-commerce giant JD.Com calls four product types its “champion categories” because of the enormous volume of sales they produce. They are computers, mobile phones, home appliances and groceries. The latter category includes FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) and fresh produce.


The biggest performer of the four champions is JD’s food sales. The company has adopted an omnichannel approach selling both online and in brick-n-mortar stores in a growing number of locations across China. The 7FRESH lines of stores recently opened two new superstores in Chengdu, bringing the total to 20.


Customers have the option of shopping in-store or ordering from 7FRESH online via the JD e-commerce platform. Thanks to the advanced capabilities of JD Logistics, orders of fresh foods can be delivered in just 30 minutes.


The 7FRESH arm now makes JD.Com the largest supermarket operation in China. According to JD.com news, the supermarket category represented the single largest product category for the first half of 2020, surpassing mobile phones, home appliances and computers. JD CFO Sandy Xu said the robust performance of the food sector is the result of trust developed among consumers with the JD and 7FRESH brand.


JD “big data” insights show that more than 10,000 brands achieved year-to-year growth rates of 100% or more. Additionally, 7,000 brands turned in a growth rate of more than 200% and 5,000 brands managed an astonishing 300% growth rate. Just 20 brands accounted for a transaction volume of more than 10 billion RMB.


In other JD.com news, the firm made a significant jump on Fortune’s Global 500 list. It now stands at position number 102 after moving up 37 spots. This was driven by a solid second-quarter 2020 earnings report which showed net revenue growth of 33.8%. That translates to $25.8 billion USD. It’s the fastest level of growth over the past 10 quarters. JD has now been on the Global 500 list for five consecutive years.


JD officials say that this growth level was prompted by the company’s 618 Grand Promotion event. JD began the 618 special promotion 17 years ago. It involves a week of unique offers and other campaigns that tends to draw tens of thousands of new users to the JD platform. The most recent 618 event helped push general merchandise sales up by 45%.


Company officials were quick to add that the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic helped spur online sales. As people followed guidelines to quarantine or limit exposure to public places, they turned to online platforms in record numbers to buy basic goods. JD.Com was ideally positioned to take advantage of this trend.


Yet another significant development for JD.Com was a deal the firm made with China Telecom. The two entities jointly launched what is called the JD PLUS x China Telecom Membership Card. Those who purchase the car are eligible for a variety of benefits, including JD Premium Membership. It's the first-ever cross-over project in China between a mobile network enterprise and an e-commerce company.


JD.Com was founded by Richard Liu Qiangdong in 1998. The company is also called Jingdong. Under the leadership of Richard Liu, JD has enjoyed stunning levels of growth driven by an embrace of advanced technologies, such as AI and robotics. JD.Com is the first Chinese company to be publicly traded on a U.S. exchange, the NASDAQ. As of January 2021, the company has a market cap of $138.4 billion.


Fortune recently coined the term “JAT” to refer to the three largest tech giants in China, JD.Com, Alibaba and Tencent. These are firms that continue to grow, innovate and transform in both favorable and challenging economic times.

University of Phoenix Offers Online Learning Tools for Teachers, Parents and Students


The pandemic forced most schools that traditionally held in-person classes to switch rather abruptly to online learning. This has been a challenge for most students, teachers and parents who were not accustomed to this format. While virtual learning is safer, this quick shift became chaotic and jarring for many involved. With significant experience in online education, University of Phoenix is reaching out to teachers, students and parents to share ways to improve online learning.

University of Phoenix Offers Free Webinars

The University produced a series of free online webinars on topics like homeschooling for parents and transitioning from in-person to online learning for high schools. “One of the things we’ve been able to do well, since the majority of our students are online, is to pivot easily,” said Cooper Nelson, director of public relations and external communications for University of Phoenix. “So we’ve really taken this time to start initiatives to help other institutions and organizations who may not have support, and to just help people get through this very difficult time.”

The webinar series "Together We Soar" is hosted by University of Phoenix faculty and staff. According to Nelson, "The series offers insights about leadership from our faculty and employees. We’re trying to bring in alumni as well and business partners to share their insights on relevant topics."

Interested parties can access the webinars on the University of Phoenix YouTube channel.

Free Online Classes for Teachers

In addition to the webinars, University of Phoenix opened its collection of online education classes to K-12 teachers. Topics include "Technology Survival for Educators," "Using Apps in the Classroom" and "Multimedia for Educators". Nelson says the University understands that most teachers were never taught how to teach in an online setting and the pandemic forced them to learn on the job.

University of Phoenix is in a unique position to help teachers make the transition from in-person learning to the online classroom. The University is dedicated to sharing its expertise and insights to help teachers, students and parents make the most of learning in this challenging pandemic environment.

Recovering Your Password - How to Locate the A Password of Your AOL Account


Are you having trouble remembering your aol password? Are you about to call the IT department and when they ask you for your username and password, you just can't remember it? Don't worry, it's not as bad as it sounds. You're not the only one who has had this problem. The solution to this problem is not difficult and can be achieved by anyone, anytime, all over the world.

Reset Password With This Tips

     The first step to remember a forgotten and account recovery is to know what happened. The problem may have occurred due to a forgotten username or an incorrect password. It could also have something to do with your antivirus software or any virus. Sometimes people forget their usernames and passwords because of a change in their contact information. This is a common occurrence and most users are not even aware that it's happening.

     If you've been able to recognize that you've used the same username and password for a few weeks and you still don't have access to your aol account, you should reset it. A reset will give you access to your aol account again and restore everything that you have stored. It's quite easy to do and once you have made the change, you should go back to the help center to activate the change. Restarting your computer will also reset any virus that may have affected your aol account.

     If you are unable to remember your aol password, the next step to take is to check your antivirus software. Make sure that it's updated. Most antivirus programs are equipped with tools that allow them to automatically scan your computer for any infections. By removing these infections, you'll be able to reset the password on your aol account and gain access again.

     If an infection was able to bypass the antivirus program on your computer and was able to reach your aol password, it's likely that your aol password is on the infected file. You need to use a recovery program to extract the password from this file. You can use a program such as "Disk cloning" to do this. Once you've done this, you should then use a program such as "RAR to decompress the file back to its original state".

     After you've extracted the password from the infected file, you will then need to install a 'password resetter' onto your PC. We recommend that you use a program called "anova Rescue password Recovery". This is a free recovery program that is easy to use. You simply follow the steps outlined on the antivirus program - it's that simple!

     Once you've installed the recovery program, you should then scan your aol account to see if there are any infections present. If you see any, then you should remove the infected program files and any other infected settings from your computer. You should then re-install an updated antivirus program.

As we said at the start of this guide, this is a very easy way to get back into your aol account. It's relatively risk-free, but you should always be wary of what you click on. You should never click "OK" to open a file or folder. If you do this, you're probably asking for someone's password!

There are also automated programs out there which can help you get back into your aol account. These are often referred to as "Password resetters" - these are programs which basically automate a lot of the steps described above. The major advantage of these automated programs is that they can often get you into your aol account AND recover the forgotten aol password. However, they are not recommended for normal, home user use!

There are many other ways of getting back into your aol account, but in order to get into the Admin panel (which is what you'll need to access your aol password database), you must know your username and password. When you have access to the admin panel, you will be able to see your username and password, as well as any other information necessary to get into your aol account. This step is usually the hardest part of recovering your Aol password. If you are still unable to enter them by yourself, you may want to consider consulting an online service (such as the one mentioned above). These sites usually have a wide range of different options for password recovery.

Hopefully, after following this tutorial, you'll finally be able to get into your aol account and get your forgotten aol password back. Don't forget to share this with the correct person(s) in your life! If you are looking for more help, or just general A+ information, feel free to follow the links below. Also, please remember to take care of your password, as if you leave it as is and do not use a backup or reset, you risk having it taken from you.