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» » China is the most fascinating tech market in the world

I lived in Beijing from 2004 to 2007. This was the first time I set foot in China and it is one of the most interesting experiences of my life. Personally, I purchased through the Olympic Village when it was tracked at Mount Everest Base camp, Beijing Marathon competed at the cooking show of a national television reality reality and learned the whole carotype of Chinese pop songs. Professionally, I developed products under Microsoft Research Asia researchers, who graduated from the University of Sanghva, started an online video company, and during the last twenty years China's largest economic development period Observe, this engine promotes all development in China.

The following chart shows China's annual GDP rate percent since the 1990s. As you can see, the period from 2004 to 2007 was an economic rocket ship, with which China's GDP growth rate continues to grow every year, which enhances the overall GDP. . The growth of GDP in 2007 was surprisingly 15%. For the last time more than 15% of GDD's growth was in the year 40 years ago. China's economy was on fire only.

I went back to America at the end of 2007, on earth to feel lucky in my time on earth for China's top economic boom. But I know, my time was wrong. Now, China was starting now.

清单 体 (or for Chinese "listicle")

8/8 o'clock 8 o'clock at 8 o'clock at 8 am China's economy, with special focus on its tech economy, which makes the world most interesting tech market in China. And more importantly, I hope they help the show because China has more interest than this decade before the last decade, and the next ten decades will definitely come over it.

(1) is the world's largest middle class in the world

As noted above, from 2004 to 2007, there was a glimpse of China's economic growth. But the order of the whole world is more reasonable and interesting for the boom. Since 2007, China has done more than three times the size of this middle class, according to which disposable income has more than $ 10,000 per year.

The Economic Boom Resolution has created the world's largest middle class in China. And why is it important to people around the world: In the Chinese middle class last year, over 260 billion dollars abroad are overseas, more than any other country, its citizens only 5 % Pass passport Chinese customers have been set to recover markets across the country and abroad.

(2) cross border ecommerce is increasing faster than domestic e-commerce

To discuss further, how China will affect the Middle East's growing world, thanks to the Internet, remember that their cost is not a way to fix the power. In the last five years, cross-border e-commerce development (consumers in China purchasing goods abroad) got faster than domestic e-commerce. The cross border now creates 7% total e-commerce, or $ 100 billion in annual revenue, because China's buyers are trying to buy high-quality products from abroad. The cross border market will be more than $ 140 billion by 2021.

Therefore, although they do not always plan to attend China, businesses around the world should think of Chinese consumers.

(3) eCommerce goes to the real world

China is the world's leading e-commerce market, which has disbursed more than $ 1.1 million in 2017, which is more than twice in the United States. There are more than 500 million online buyers and large metropolitan areas like Beijing and Shanghai, about 90 percent of the residents already shop online. While China e-commerce will still be strong in 20 percent annual growth for the next few years, it can be seen as an applicable market.

So where there are new development markets, they are owned by digital worlds like businesses like separate and G.D. DoT, what are you looking for? They are back in the physical world. 2 years ago, Ali Baba's CEO Jack Mae praised the term "new retail" and the entire industry has pushed online experiences from offline locations to that time. Alibaba has already inaugurated 46 of his own grocery stores, under the brand Hema in 13 cities. This year, they open a new store every 6 days. Should not be outside, JD.com recently opened its first grocery store in Beijing, which is called 7 frieshash, as well as launches with maximum set. And they have partnered with Franchisees to open thousands of facilities of shops, some of them can not be fully automated with staff, and by the end of the year 1,000 per day Has set a great goal of launching new stores. Physical retail in China not only is it that it is far more important.

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