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» » WeChat impact on social and economic in China

1. Introduction

According to the recent study, 51% of the urban residents have become social media users in China.
In the previous year, 17% points have increased. Social development

The media is accelerating; the trend was in all cities and ages. Despite progress

The number of social media users registered in the number of registered users has slowed down
China has increased social media. (Referred to Kent 2016, 13.11.2016)

Social media is based on user relationships with product content and forms conversion platform
Internet. Social media is a tool for people and platforms, opinion, sharing,

Experiments and perspectives. It has become an important part of the information from social media
Internet browsers. It makes only one hot topic, but after each other in social life

The traditional media also attracts to follow to follow. (Wikipedia 2016, reference 9.7.2016)
Social media marketing is not just a post to post, but businesses must also be interactive

With customers Depending on the different demands of customers, the content needs to be diversified.

Social media comment and advise users directly to the products, so that companies

And organizations are under public supervision. Good products are more consumers and fans in social media.

There are many useful social media in China. For example, WeChat, Weibo, Tencent QQ. all of
They are very famous in China. WeChat Tencent, this rapidly develops in recent years.

WeChat has great effect in China.

The purpose of the article is to analyze WeChat in China. On hand, it analyzes the thesis

The effects of WeChat on social and economic based on its features. WeChat changes Chinese way
Life. Users have the opportunity to directly participate in WeChat's economic activities. On the other side, this

The aim is to prepare to assist businesses and organizations to learn more about the B2B

B2C model in china this impression will be helpful for those businesses who are going to enter Chinese market.

The article can be prepared to attract others to how we can continue to analyze

Foreign consumers this theme can be used by social media companies and to find more functions

The source of the article is listed as material references. Book (i.e. Clara Shah, Social Business
Discretion: Always adjust your business model in the customer connected) played a game
The main role for the thesis.

2 social media tools in china

Chinese social media has changed the communication and thinking of China's people. More
More Chinese people are using social media and spend more time on social media.

People follow the social network through friends, colleagues and relatives. Digging Business Institutions

The social value of social media, because social media can be used to use

Recommendations for people who have similar interests. There are many famous social media tools
In China, like VAT, VBO, and QQ.

2.1 vitts

With the development of e-commerce, mobile commerce develops more quickly

In mid-2000 (Referred to as Announcement 2015, 6.7.2016) WeChat is a mobile service developed by Tencent

In china after the whit continues in January 2011, the growth speed team is more than the expectations of the team itself. WeChat users can text messages, wholesale chat messages, and groups
Message, video conference, play video games, share pictures and videos, and at the location

Smartphone through friends (Refer to Wikipedia 2016, 6.7.2016) we are located everywhere in China.

QQ, compared to Weibo and Alipay, there are many features to make it so popular in China.

The WeChat has social network timeline, branded accounts, games and more. (Texas 2016, quoted
15.7.2016) One of the most social platforms we have, a large interior mobile phone terminal,

Become an important business transaction platform. It took a lot of changes

Marketing industry. With the development of WeChat, WeChat Mall is developed as a social e-commerce

System. As long as we can get product inquiry through users through white platforms,

Purchase, experience, chat, order and payment of online and offline integration services
Model. WeChat-related goods and with the growing users of WeChat, maximum

Treat people as WeChat marketing artist and propaganda weapon.

WeChat Wallet is a Payment function of WeChat Client. Users can complete the payment process
Instantly via Smartphone’s. Users only need to add and enter a bank card on the vetate value

Require information, then wherever and anywhere we can use the WeChat Wallet. (Referred to 3.8.2016 in 2016, 2016) Today, WeChat Payment includes credit card payment, scan code payment

And app payment. It also provides many marketing tools to meet the different payment conditions

Consumer and business such as red packets and vouchers. WeChat Wallet can be used in many ways,
For example, utility bill, distributed food bills, books.


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