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» » How A Sudden Website Redesign Can Ruin Your SEO

Businesses have heard it from just about every online marketing expert out there: revamp your website to increase conversion. Yes, a website redesign from a reputable DC SEO company will do wonders for your current SEO ranking and online visibility, but only if it is done right. However, if the changes and redesigning of the website aren’t done properly, there is a higher percentage of failure and even the collapse of the entire SEO ranking of your brand.

Here are some instances where a redesign will hurt your SEO:

Badly Designed Website

When the redesign is done by someone who is unskilled the results will usually be a badly designed website that will repel customers instead of attracting them. We have all been those shoes. Customers may be interested in your brand and your services, but the moment they click on your website and see that the design looks like it was made by a high school student practicing their HTML skills, they will click away.

A badly designed website is seen as a red flag by potential clients. Make sure that you work with a credible DC SEO company that can offer beautiful websites that customers will be happy to browse through and make a purchase.

Too Many Pop-Ups

A potential client browsing through your website does not want to deal with too many pop-ups. Although these ads can be useful from time to time, they should be used sparingly and at the right time. Too many pop-ups and that once potential customer will click away because no one wants to close those pesky ads more than once in a span of 5 minutes.

Automatic Sounds

Back in the day websites would have their own soundtrack playing while a customer is browsing through the page. Today, it is a good way to repel a customer. If you must add a video to the website, don’t let it play automatically with the sound on. Always have any video clips on mute so that people visiting your website don’t get shocked when someone suddenly starts talking and they can’t find the source.

Bad Website Layout

If the redesign of the website makes it harder for visitors to find the information they need in just a few seconds, you can kiss your current SEO ranking goodbye. Search engines crawl through websites and give higher ranking to pages that have answers to questions at the top of the page. This is why so many websites include a dedicated FAQ page. The moment the new layout makes it complicated to maneuver from page to page and answers can’t be found at a glance, your ranking will plummet and it will take a while to climb up the ladder again.

Website Redesign Is A Serious Task

Don’t just decide to make changes on your website’s design out of the blue. The changes should be strategic so that it boosts your SEO, not hurt it. It is best to consult with an expert SEO company for advice so that you have the guidance when making the important changes.

At TESSA, a DC SEO company, we are determined and disciplined to implement strategies that will help you hit your targets and goals. Contact us today and let's discuss how we can help you.

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