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» » A Comprehensive Guide to Vidmate: The Key to Seamless Video Downloading

What is Vidmate all about?

Vidmate is a useful platform for easy, hassle-free downloading of videos from all possible mediums. We are aware of the fact that YouTube is the top video generating a website with maximum video uploads and this is one of the reasons why it has so much popularity. There are few other mediums which coexist with YouTube such as Dailymotion, Vimeo, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram and much more. Vidmate is the ultimate tool which can be used to download videos from all these platforms in high resolution, and absolutely free of cost.

What is the need for Vidmate &How it originated?

This is a well-known fact that it is difficult to download YouTube videos due to several policies, and similar occurs in case of the other mediums as well. Therefore, Vidmate acts as a saviour in this case. It was developed by the UCWeb which is known to be an integral part ofthe Alibaba group. This application is absolutely free and the users can download this from the Google Play Store. According to resources, Vidmate had more than 600 users in more than 100 countries.

Do you know the Top features?

This application has certain benefits which increase its demand across the users globally. As per the user reviews, these are a few best features which Vidmate is known to have:

1.HD Quality Supported

With watching videos, the quality of the videos plays a huge role. While the human eyes are unable to distinguish the difference between two video qualities on their smartphone, on the PC it seems to be quite evident. Vidmate allows the download of videos in HD quality as well as other qualities such as 240p, 360p etc. The user can also watch the videos in the application itself with the desired quality level.

2.High Speed Download Supported

Imagine using an application which takes more than 12 hours to download videos. No one would like to download videos from such an app because we do not have the time these days to wait for that much. Vidmate supports high speed downloading of videos from YouTube and other platforms, and the users do not have to wait longer to watch a downloaded video on their phone or PC.

3. Live TV Supported

Even if a user is a fan of current news updates, sports updates, Vidmate comes up with the Live TV feature through which the users can enjoy current news every time without missing any single news.

Apart from these main features, it has some additional features such as the users can save the videos to watch it later section, they can also secure their videos with specialized passcodes. Apart from this, music can also be downloaded in several formats such as MP3, MP4 etc. Vidmate is a useful app which is extremely user-friendly and simple to use. Therefore, it is high time to get started with this application and download as many videos or audio files you want immediately.

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