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» » Why Snov.io Drip Campaigns Is The Best Automation Tool For Email Marketing

Email marketing is one he leading means of brand promotion in the digital world.  Every email sent to a potential or current customer contains advertisement, request business, or solicit sales. Emails are meant to build loyalty, trust, brand awareness, thus drive sales. Marketers in any sphere tend to automate all the processes; this way drip emails come into action and bring the best results.

There is a number of automation tools, which help you send email campaigns. This is why let’s have a look at Snov.io platform and Drip Campaigns tool they offer. Briefly, it lets you set up and send a series of emails based upon predetermined triggers and schedules.

Why Snov.io?

Our team has been using the platform for about half a year and we still haven’t found anything better. So what makes Snov.io Drip Campaign best of the best for us? Here are some reasons.

User-friendly drag-and-drop editor

With the help of the inbuilt visual editor, you can create both simple and complex email campaigns with lots of triggers and delays. Simply set the email drip campaign components (Email, Trigger, Delay, Goal; Start is set by default), connect them, and click the Save and start button to launch the campaign.

Schedule every email chain and the campaign will be sent at the right time automatically. You won’t have to control anything manually. This feature is important when it comes to locations the prospects live in.

Affordable platform

The price is quite affordable as the platform has different pricing plans and high quotas. Compared to other platforms, Snov.io is just the thing for small companies and start-ups.

So, they have four pricing plans, from S (1,000 credits) to XL size (50,000 credits) starting at $29. Sounds good, isn’t it? Even if you need a larger volume of credits, you can contact the customer care team which works 7 days a week.

For those who want to save money, Snov.io offers yearly plans and you will get a 10% discount.

Your own Gmail or SMTP

Other platforms usually offer to use their SMTP. However, using them is not that safe. Who knows who used this SMTP before you? And this is where Snov.io extends a helping hand. Take advantage of your own SMTP to be sure the reputation is OK. Or you can just send emails via your own Gmail account. Simple and safe as it is. 

Overabound feature set

Send emails with attached files and links. The links are trackable: you stay in the loop of who and when clicked the link.

Also, Snov.io has custom personalization fields. This means you have the ability to personalize drip emails not only with the recipient’s name but also with the company name, position, the leads’ problems, etc.

If your work schedule is fully loaded and you have no time on composing emails, use the opportunity of pre-written email and campaign templates: you will definitely find the one fitting your needs. A great number of templates for every business-case in life: product pitches and follow-ups to save any business situation are at your disposal.

All-inclusive cold outreach automation platform

Using Snov.io Drip Campaigns you also can take advantage of such tools as Email Finder and Email Verifier to search for email addresses, check if they are valid, and get rid of the invalid ones.

Usually, these tools are used separately. With Snov.io, there is no need in signing up on different websites to perform all the operations. Do it just in one click.

So, why it is the best?

By means of email, you can create a more personalized and human-like approach which always has a higher open and click-through rate. As you can see, the Snov.io Drip Campaigns tool is quite affordable, easy-to-use, safe, has a rich set of nice features and tools. The creation of such a great piece of work has never been that easy and serviceable.

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