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» » Security systems can also save lives

Security systems and alarms today are very effective when it comes to protecting your home or business. Especially, if the alarm system to be installed is connected to an alarm monitoring center. 

Monitoring security camera can save your life and protect your property. Security measures, such as home security cameras, Panoramic Camera, smoke detectors, flood sensors, among others, can prevent crime and maintain the safety of your family and your home.

Fire Alarms

There are simple smoke detectors on the market, but if you are not in your home or business, you cannot access a telephone to ask for help; Monitored security systems will quickly notify firefighters. Early detection when it comes to activating the alert is considerably important, since you can escape or evict safely and limit the amount of damage in the home. This detector is the most common within the range of detectors, in some countries the installation of this detector is mandatory in homes, the effectiveness in fire prevention is very high and its use is recommended by the number of lives that can save .

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Having a carbon monoxide detector connected to the alarm system with the central monitoring station, you have guaranteed adequate help in case of detection of it in your home or business. If you are not at home to hear the alarm these detectors can be alerted, even if your security system is not armed. Carbon monoxide is a silent and odorless killer. It is important to act quickly, if at any time there is a leak in your home or business.

Environmental sensors

These sensors are designed to identify unexpected changes in temperature, humidity levels and the presence of water, to avoid water damage in the home. It is a very useful detector in areas that suffer flooding with certain regularity, since it allows it to act against water before it is too late. With the environmental sensors it will be possible to control the water in the home and cope with leaks, breakages or floods.

Medical emergency situations

Keyboard security systems have options for a one-touch emergency service. Your alarm will not fire, but will alert the system that emergency medical services are necessary. This is a quick and easy way to guarantee a response of help.

The Panic Button is another element that can save lives. The signals received by the monitoring center through a panic button are considered priority and the first to be attended. In the event that the alarm system has video verification, the central monitoring station will visualize what is happening after the reception of the signal received through the panic button to act in the event that a robbery or real aggression is taking place.

Home Security Systems 24/7

Home security systems offer the peace of mind you are looking for and more knowing that your home and family are being served. We know that in a matter of emergencies where people's lives are involved, every second matters.

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