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» » Data Analyst Jobs:Turn Passion into a Great Career

Data analyst jobs are among the highly-demanded career choices in the job market today. Although not widely known among lay people, data analysts are crucial to the functioning of many companies – whether small or large.

So, what qualities make for a great career in data analysis? Those with a knack for studying, analysing and crunching numbers and big data are sought-after for these jobs. Therefore, naturally, data analyst jobs require strong mathematical skills. Other important skills related to this line of jobs are familiarity with MS Office, basic SQL skills, web development skills, data mapping skills, the ability to derive actionable insights from processed data, strong presentation skills, knowledge of industry tools and strong communication skills.

The primary duties and responsibilities of working in data analyst jobs constitute understanding the trends and insights of large data sets. Small to large companies ger data analysts on board for assistance in forming decisions and improve business practices.

In order to be eligible for data analyst jobs, you need to first have a bachelor’s degree in information technology, computer science or statistics. Finding a job as a data analyst is not that easy without experience. But fret not. You can get a head start in industry experience by joining a data analytics internship while you complete your education. This is a good way to apply your theoretical learning into practice and gain industry exposure first hand. This way, you also get to work and learn with seniors, get hands-on experience in analytical software programs and big data management.

The popular industries which offer data analytics jobs are insurance, retail and banking, gaming, mining and resources, consumer products (FMCG), healthcare and pharmaceuticals, energy, e-commerce and web analytics, telecom, travel and government, among others. Across these sectors, the popular data analytics jobs include duties such as collaborating with IT, mining data, cleaning data off irrelevant information, analysing and interpreting results with statistical tools and techniques, identifying trends and patterns in complex data sets, designing and maintaining database, etc. Evidently, there is a wide scope in this field for those looking to secure a long-term career.

If you are on the search for data analytics jobs, get all your resources in the right place.Start by getting your data analytics resume right. Make use of resume writing tips and tricks from online job portals and other internet sources. Once you have your resume in place, the rest of your job search process will automatically become a lot easier. Make sure you keep all your email communication consistent and up-to-date.While you are in the process of getting to the interview round, have yourpersonality and grooming prepped. Improving your communication and interpersonal skills are important aspects of your job search. These qualities combined with your passion for data analytics are the stepping stones to a successful future in the field. More than anything else, if you have experience, knowledge and the willingness to learn, nothing can stop you from rising in data analytics jobs.

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