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Smartphone Applications help an individual to perform various tasks. These applications are pre-installed within every smart device manufactured by any company. However, application developers tend to provide certain other apps which helps in fulfilment of various other needs and help in performance of various other tasks.

Videos are known to attract maximum consumer attention. Therefore, developers have created certain video downloading applications which help a user to download their favourite content like video and movies using their smart devices. There are different types of video downloading applications available on the internet which has their own unique features. A user can select any video downloading application for downloading videos wherever suits his/her needs and device. Vidmate is one such application which can be downloaded by clicking on Vidmate install option available on its official website.

Some great video downloading applications of all time are listed below:

File downloader

This application can help a user to download any type of file including videos and other multimedia content from any website. A user can search for their favourite content by using the inbuilt search bar. The application has its own internet browser which can be used to browsing the internet to locate the website from where the video can be downloaded. 


This application also allows an individual to download videos and even convert them one format to another using the inbuilt video convertor. A user can even stream their favourite video using the inbuilt media player if he/she does not want to download the video. The application supports different types and format of videos which can be shared between users. The application also supports multiple languages

Mymedia downloader:

Mymedia downloader like any other type of file downloading application allows an individual to download video, movies and even songs. The application is small in size and therefore can be used by older devices with low storage capacities. A user can download unlimited videos and multimedia content using the application. Moreover, one can stream the downloaded content on any other device using the MIRROR play option.

Video and media downloader:

Like any other type of media downloader, video and media downloader application allows a user to download any type and format of video from any website. Downloads can be resumed and paused without causing any interruption to the downloaded percentage. The application has separate sections for storing video files and other types of files like word or pdf files.


One of the most highly rated video downloading applications on the internet, Vidmate helps users to download video from various social media websites. The application allows automatic detection of type of device to notify various formats and resolutions available for the video. Videos, whether is HD or 320p, can be downloaded according to users need. Unlimited videos or music can be downloaded at the same time without any lag at lightning speeds using the application. 

Users can download any of the above mentioned applications by visiting their official websites by clicking Install options for example Vidmate install on official vidmate website.

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