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» » » Important tips to lower the CPC in SEO

Cost per click is the best way to get traffic to your site. This is one of the most used things in the industry and is an affordable search engine optimization technique. However, not all who opt for CPC can collect a profit on top of the cost they pay for the service. hence it is necessary that the cost in CPC so that the profit remains more than the cost of getting the service.

Gets the optimal landing page

When a visitor is coming to your site, they are there a specific motive. If there are there to buy a product then your website should be optimized enough so that they can buy that product easily. Don’t let them figure out by themself. If the users choose to bounce from your website then you can take it that they are something seriously wrong with your site.

One site should have the relevant data that the visitors have been directed to. It should also contain all the relevant information like the text, pictures, videos, and so on. These things will hold on to visitors to your site.

Schedule your ads

You don’t require to add your ad all the time. To have ads all the time will only increase the cost of CPC. What you can do instead is to have a schedule your ads according to the visitors. For that, you have to research the timing of your targeted audience. You have to find out when there are only searches with that particular word. Take for instance that you run a restaurant then you can run a  survey in your area when do people dine the most. If it's night then you could run the ads mostly on the night, if it's day then you can concentrate on day.

This thing would reduce a lot of costs on CPC.

Use already proven keywords

Don’t run ads on a series of keywords. Have some specific keywords, and on top of that use keywords that already have a proven record.  That way you don’t have to waste your cash on keywords that are not that necessary.

The keyword should replicate your past or articles. You could think of phrases or using analytics to see what the visitors search the most for the sites that are similar to you. this would give a head-on in this game. You can take the help of affordable search engine optimization companies for this.


Cutting cost is very important if one needs to increase its profits. The things mentioned above can help you cut costs drastically in addition to choosing an affordable search engine optimization agency.

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