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» » » Benefits of Artificial Intelligence and its Impact on Digital Marketing

The future of the computer industry is artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning and a whole set of technologies that are non-existent today. In this article we shall look into the benefits of Artificial Intelligence and its impact in Digital marketing. But first let us also look at the other sectors, AI is associated with. Then you can easily understand the concept of the article.

In the following paragraphs, let us first look into the descriptions of Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and Machine Learning.

Artificial Intelligence

Well, AI is a old technology which deals with designing machines that can respond similar to humans. In the 1980s, even the supercomputer may have to pass the Turing test.

Machine Learning

Machine learning or as the title suggests is a sub branch of AI. This subject points to the designing of machines where they can learn on their own. You do not have to add new algorithms and updates to its database.

Deep Learning

Deep learning, or as the name suggests, comprises of a machine which has many number of neural networks. It also has a collection of algorithms that can work to surpass the human brain.

Let us take the example of Google. When you type a wrong spelling word in the search option, you get many answers. The direct answer is machine learning. You also get other response such as people also asked for. This is deep learning.

Benefits of AI in Daily Life and Digital Marketing

The topic of Artificial intelligence is all over the town. Yes, AI has been in use since the 1980s, but in recent times it has gained immense popularity. The main reason, AI tools have given accurate results in connection with many business sectors such as manufacturing industries, automation and even health care. Why did AI become so popular?

There are many benefits of using AI. Some are given below -

Human have got the natural tendency to do mistakes. But not AI. Once the systems are put in place, there will be very few errors. The result product will get completed within the scheduled time with precision.

AI is used even in daily life. How else will you explain the GPS tracking, voice assistant SIRI? Do you know about the ads in Facebook? The algorithms have opened a amazing world and it has made human life easy.

History of Marketing
There was a time when marketing was related only to field work and field experience. Then it switched over to advertisements on billboards, radios and television. Came the internet, and the ads on websites followed. But did you notice the pattern? The field work executives had a clear idea of the buying patterns of the customer. When advertisements gained momentum, so a new type of industry came, the advertisement firms, copywriters and other jobs. Their main focus was to attract the customer towards the product.

But came digital marketing, and the executives had every knowledge of the buying pattern and fashion trend of customers. Then they modified their advertising campaigns accordingly. Their hard work bore good results.

Start-ups in e-Commerce are the order of the day, in recent times. There are many start-ups which are using AI for their marketing platforms and giving a run to the existing businesses in terms of profits.

1.AI In Digital Marketing

AI was not given a red carpet welcome by digital marketers before two years. It was met with disdain, and very rarely it become a part of digital marketing campaigns. But two years, down the line, with AI giving accurate results of customer buying patterns and predictions, the change has come.

With AI becoming an integral part of the digital marketing campaign, career holders have to keep pace of the recent developments. Or else, their counterparts will march forward and the non-updated professionals get left behind. In the following paragraphs, we have given the changes brought about AI since its implementation in digital marketing sector.

2. Digital Campaigns

With AI in marketing strategy, a company can easily get to know the buyer behavior. It can then invest in worthy campaigns.

When do you rate a service or a website with nice marks? You have to like the experience. Correct? Great content, top quality response to your questions are the ways to keep a visitor eye-glued to your website. The site diagram should also be easy. So, in the future, for a particular genre of websites, the designer will take into account, the search cycles, visitor behavior and other aspects. And in customer service, when you make use of chatbots, the issues and responses will get permanent solutions and effective results.

3. Return on Investment

Ecommerce business are worth billions of dollars. Even in normal banks, face recognition has become the mainstay for security in ATMs. Just imagine the huge reduction of workload in banks, if everyone switches to online payments in ecommerce websites. Machine learning can give various images of an individual by its algorithms. When he/she makes online payments, it can easily recognize the user and give the permission for online transaction.

4. Search sessions

Imagine the time when you searched for the meaning to a specific word. Sometimes, the google shows results or the searches give a result far away from your needs. But with AI coming the digital world and in ecommerce, it can predict the buyer’s behavior, predict their buying patterns, decisions and many more.

You cannot do business for charity. The profits can double if it meets the target audience. When you infuse AI in digital marketing, you can reach the target audience in a easy way. You can find people based on demographics, interests and the suitable time to reach them. The leads can get converted to sales.

How good will it be for the business owner (you), if someone can predict the profits of the future month? Is it possible? It is, with the help of AI. With analytical data taken from history records, the trends can be summarised and you can predict the profits for the next month.

5. Email Marketing

When was the last time, you received the application of a credit card from a private company? Today? Then without giving a look, you have sent it to the dustbin.  

Remember, you get as spam several advertisements. Either you install a spam ware or delete the mails without giving a look. But if the content is related to your hobbies, career, you will definitely open the mail. An AI can make the business executive send ads that are in correlation with your hobbies so that you get converted to a prospective customer. So, advertisements and emails get sent to the perfect audience.

6. Content Creation

Imagine having a content writer who has to write articles every day. How good will it be, if a tool can take words, understand the topic and then deliver content? Is a tool getting designed for this type of job? Please note, that tools such as Quill and Articoolo are already creating content for newspapers and dailies in US. Even Washington Post and Forbes are making use of this new AI technology to generate articles.

If you have bought a product from a certain brand, your name gets entered in its customer base list. You may be given a coupon to list personal information. The reason, you get, you will receive notifications in times of discounts. Yet, you get alerts regarding a new product of the same product more than the discounts. This is how the brand makes you a loyalist and in the bargain gain more sales.

Do you have a business? Then you have to trust the digital marketer in campaigns. He may lose money because of his failure to understand the trends in the market. But AI tool has been designed to give a perfect accuracy result. So every rupee gets spent on genuine customer trends.

AI has definitely made a splash in the digital marketing industry. Yes, it is still in the nascent stages, but it has already proved its worth in accurate predictions. With relation to creativity, AI has given good results in the content creation platform. In the future, companies will have a AI tool that can generate content by the dozen for banners, ads and content for their marketing campaigns.


In the article, we have dealt with the benefits of AI and the changes brought about by this new technology in the digital marketing industry. Let us imagine a situation. You are a resident of Hyderabad and have many electronic appliances in your home. In an unfortunate situation, the LED television has gone on repair, and it needs a service. Now, instead of searching for referrals, you take the mobile phone and give a command to search for the app of companies which provide home services in Hyderabad. You get a entire host of companies that offer doorstep repair services. You can download the app of the best company, install in your mobile and book the expert of TV repair service in Hyderabad. The concerned professional comes to your home and fixes the appliance in short time. So, AI has stepped even into the home improvement sector.

In the future, AI will definitely become a part of daily life similar to mobiles. Let us hope for the best. 

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