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» » » » When You Need to Transfer A Website?

As a website owner you're likely looking for ways to increase traffic and reach a wider audience while keeping your operating costs low. When you transfer a website to a new host you can more easily achieve both of these goals. You can often save money on hosting expenses by transferring from your current web host to a more competitively priced host. Check out these tips to know when transferring a website might be the best option for you and when the best time to transfer is. 

Lower Your Overhead 
Depending on how thoroughly you researched your hosting options or how long you've been in your current hosting plan you may find it cheaper to switch to a new host. It will only take a few minutes of work to transfer your website to a new host and if it's going to save you even a couple bucks a month it's often worth the effort. If you've locked in a soon-expiring hosting plan for more than what you'd be paying at elsewhere then you're the perfect candidate to save money by transferring a website. Saving on hosting is one of the most significant ways you can lower the overhead associated with running your website. 
Slow Load Times 
Users are becoming increasingly impatient with slow loading websites. 4G and even 5G connections are being introduced across the country now and most web traffic is mobile so users expect a fast connection to your website. Some users will even assume your website is broken if it doesn't load within a few seconds. Check the speed of your website on your current web hosting server with an online tool like Pingdom and if it's not meeting your satisfaction then this may be the best time for you to transfer a website to a new web host. 

Your Current Host is Lacking in Quality 
If you find that your current host is lacking in quality of service then it's a good time to transfer your website to a new web host. Quality of service encompasses not just load times and uptime but also quality of customer service and software. Some web hosts tend to be slow about updating software and frameworks like PHP and that can have a major impact on the functionality of your website. 

To combat this type of subpar hosting quality you can switch to a host that is WordPress optimized or advertises premium hosting plans. Hosts with these services typically update all software as new releases become available and have good routine server maintenance policies. 

New Ownership or Updated Records 
If you've newly acquired a website or there has been a change in ownership or records it's a good time to transfer to a new host. This is not only because you can often find a better hosting deal but also because you'll want the hosting account to be in your own name. Don't forget to update the MX and contact records through the domain registrar when you go to transfer your website. The Internet domain regulation organization ICAAN requires correct current information be available on record for each website and may penalize or disable your website if you haven't kept this information current. 

Growth Through Reseller Hosting 
If you plan on building more than one website or like the idea of reselling some of your hosting space then it may be the perfect time to transfer your primary website a new web host. You can often use reseller hosting accounts to break even and even turn an easy profit on your hosting bill by branding your own hosting service. This is the ideal way to operate if you're on a small one-website hosting plan right now and have any plans to begin more than one website in the near future or simply have an entrepreneurial spirit. 
Issues with Transferring Websites 
Some website owners have been using incorrect website transferring methods and have faced some downtime as a result. There's no reason for your website to experience downtime on today's web if you transfer to a new host. All you need to do to make sure your visitors don't hit a 404 error when your website is in the transfer process is to make a backup of your website to upload to the new server before deleting the original files. Simply purchase your new hosting plan, inset the name server information on your domain registrar admin panel and wait for the name servers to update before deleting the old account. Most of these name server changes will be completed in 2-72 hours. 

Growing Your Website with a New Host 
One of the easiest things you can do to improve the traffic and health of your website is transfer to a new host. If your current host is slow, lacking in storage space, or poorly optimizes for your platform then you can expect a possible traffic increase simply by changing your website over to a different hosting provider. 
Look for a hosting provider that advertises fast load times and platform-specific configuration such as in the case of WordPress-optimized hosting. This especially holds true if your current web host limits your server space and you're reaching the upper boundaries of your allotted space. It's better to go ahead and transfer your website well in advance of running out of space so that certain features or content of your website don't fail to load when visitors call for them. 

With the surefire method of transferring your website by keeping a backup on the previous host for 72 hours there's really no wrong time to improve your site's hosting environment. The very best times to transfer your website are when you are looking to save money, running out of room with your current web host, or need faster loading times to satisfy visitors and achieve higher ranking in search engines.

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