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» » SEO Basics: How to Grow Your Traffic When You Know Nothing of SEO

Contrary to what many people think, SEO (even being extremely technical) is not a seven-headed animal. In this content, the SEO experts at LinkHelpers SEO Company will teach you how to build a SEO strategy from scratch, even if you do not have that much time or knowledge. Check out!

Find out what your prospective customers are searching for

It is true that SEO has the particularity of being very technical - keyword research, optimizing your site's pages and competitor analysis.

But in fact SEO has two very simple pillars: understand your consumers and what their pains.

And these two pillars do not necessarily have to be discovered by means of a well-researched and structured SEO strategy.

A very simple tip, is to talk to your customers and be willing to listen and understand the feedback they give you - go for it, you will draw lots of insights and save a lot of resources if you start here.

Explore the most of each keyword you choose

Here in rock content marketing, whenever you are going to post content you should think like this: is this content useful for your website?

What's more, is it the best content that your persona will find on Google?

If one of the answers to the questions is "no", you should come back with the content to be updated and redone.

And it is this mindset that you should have when setting what to post on your blog.

Let's figure out how to do this:

Use tools to help with keyword choice and validation

After making a list with the main keywords, it is necessary to validate some factors:

·         Whether these terms are actually sought by their users;
·         What is the level of difficulty of ranking in the SERP;
·         Related words that can be used during content or even in future posts.

To do this analysis, we suggest using the SEMRush.

Check out Google's suggestions

A very easy method to be able to identify what users are searching for on Google is to use Google itself in their favor.

Start typing what you want to search on the Google page and do not hit enter. According to what you're typing, Google's auto-complete will immediately suggest the most accomplished searches for that keyword.

Another way to get the most out of Google is to check out the "Related Searches" at the bottom of the SERP page. There, some suggestions of phrases will be given.

This is one of the main parts to keep an eye on; since it offers a view of the keywords you should invest.

Looking for the example you can see that people who search for "best wines" are interested in knowing the ranking of the best wines in the world and also the best imported wines.

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