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» » Things you must know for a successful Roku Setup

Confronting issues while setting up Roku? Attempt these troubleshooting tactics to achieve a successful setup. 
Above all else, the very first thing you need to figure out is which video/sound format you should use for setting up Roku and Roku 3 micro SD install.
The following are some normal video and sound types accessible on most HDTV sets. Presently, let us make an inquiry here? Which as of now exists on your TV?

It is the superior quality sight and sound interface and stands for high-definition multimedia interface. All things considered, a solitary HDMI cable is equipped for conveying both sound and video signals. Then again, it can bolster up to 1080p HD video playback on Roku players that are extremely well 1080p compatibility.
Standard Definition
On the other hand, the standard definition is intended for supporting 'Composite' as it requires the utilization of a simple (RCA) sound association. RCA represents Root Cause Analysis. By the utilization of RCA, it is conceivable to set up the underlying driver. An adjustment in setup that was flawlessly pushed had made those gadgets go down the 'arrange design the board' module has the bent to bring up out splendidly and safely.
Want to get more info about it? Use this link- roku.com/link.
Now you have become familiar with the pre –requirements. Let us help make you familiar with some troubleshooting steps to avoid various setup errors such as “HDCP error” or the “Purple Screen”.

How to get rid of "HDCP Error Detected"
  • In case you're gushing 4K Ultra HD video and you suddenly notice the purple screen Roku, survey the directions for setting up Roku player for 4K content and make the necessary changes. If that doesn't offer much help then go to the next step.
  • Unplug the HDMI cable from both the ends on both devices - the Roku player and the TV or AVR.
  • Unplug the power cord after you turn off your TV.
  • Further, detach the power string from your Roku player.
  • Thereafter, reconnect the two ends of the HDMI link. Likewise, ensure that every connector of HDMI link is appended legitimately and safely.
  • Reconnect the line to your Roku player and TV. From that point onward, sit tight for two minutes and let both the gadgets to turn on appropriately.
  • Try streaming the HD video on Roku again. This time you won't get annoyed with any error message.

    Troubleshooting Purple Screen Roku
The most irritating issue nowadays is Purple Screen Roku. This irritating screen demonstrates the most irritating message 'HDCP unapproved Content Disable'. This disappointing screen is an aftereffect of flawed HDMI connector or HDMI link.
Helpful Tip: If an AVR (sound/video beneficiary) or TV doesn't bolster High-transmission capacity Digital Copy Protection Technology (HDCP), at that point this angering screen comes in development. Presently, for Roku Purple Screen Fix, make utilization of various alternate HDMI link/ cables.  

Set up Roku without sharing the Credit Card Info

On the off chance that you would prefer to activate Roku without Credit Card, at that point you can enact it without a Credit card. Yes you read it right, initiation of Roku without Credit Card is additionally accessible. To do as such, make a record by visiting Roku no CC and sign in to roku.com/interface. From that point onward, select the installment technique alternative and hit the skip catch. Here, you can see that credit card information is not any more required. When done, you are allowed to execute the further setup process.

Completing the Setup
Finally complete the setup by executing the on-screen instructions:
·         After the configuration, restart your Roku device, and then you will be prompted to select the time zone.
·         Save it as per your preference and tap on ‘done’.
·         On the next screen there will be a Roku Link Code.
·         Use your computer and launch a web browser.
·         Navigate to roku.com/link and login to your roku account or create a new one.
·         In order to complete the linking process successfully, precisely follow the on-screen instructions.
After this, your Roku player will once refresh automatically and a congratulations screen will appear stating you device is ready to use.`

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