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» » 360 degree appraisal: Effective feedback tool

Feedbacks are the one you give to the employees to know about themselves what they do in their work.  Having a manager position, it is necessary for you to give continuous feedback to your employees. You will be worried about how far the feedbacks will have an effect on your employees and how they help you in analyzing them effectively. Normally, you conduct assessment tests, personal meetings, counseling sessions, and questioning to have a close interaction with your employees.

Apart from all kinds of feedbacks, the 360-degree appraisal helps in depicting the overall character of each and individual employee in your firm. The main objective of using this feedback tool is to improve the work capabilities of your employees which are commonly known as performance appraisal. If the performance of an individual employee is accelerated, obviously, you could see a tremendous growth in your business.

Innovative templates and dashboards

Before conducting interviews, you make use of separate templates in uploading the resumes of your candidates. So what will kind of templates you use to upload the comments in the feedback reports of your employees? You need notcreate separate templates for including several aspects of your feedback to the specific candidate. Once you this wonderful tool, the templates are automatically available in the tool which has several departments for entering the scores of different conducts of individual employees.

The dashboards available in the tool help you to access the multiple data sources of your employees and formatting their feedback reports accordingly.

Attractive features

The attractive features of the 360-degree tool are:
  • Depicts the individual report in a simple and concise manner.
  • The comprehensive approach shown in the evaluation of candidates helps you in assessing your candidates more deeply.
  • A quick grasp of the things by just having a glance over it.
  • Questionnaires and statistical information are mentioned in a simple framework.
  • Employees feel this tool as a user-friendly one as it could be easily installed in their mobile phones and system software.
  • The tool acts as a binding substance between you and your employee.
  • On uploading your comments, your employees could easily view them after logging in to the application. This saves your time in conducting personal meetings with your colleagues.
  • Helps you to save the feedbacks of the persons you interviewed in a quick manner.
How can you give feedback?

Being a manager, what you think of giving feedbacks to your loyal employees? Could you merely scold them for their bad performance or giving them bad remarks in your report?

The first and foremost thing you have to remember is that employees represent the faces of your organization and any kind disheartening caused to them results in business breakdowns. The employee’s reviews for your company may act either as a weapon or a supporting pillar for you.Whatever the case may be, it completely lies in the hands of you and the way you treat your employees.

With this tool, you must initially outline the strengths of your candidates rather than focusing on their weak areas. This kind of feedbacks will motivate them and enable them to work hard to promote your products and services in the future. However you motivate your employees, it’s your responsibility to point out their faults while working with you and advising them not to commit the same mistakes again.

Creative decision maker:

The tool acts as an effective decision maker while you handle tough situations in your company. As the tool reveals the overall history of a person until the date he/she serving for you, you could easily give certificates on their conduct and improvement levels. When the profits of your company collapse, you will be able to pick out the employees who were responsible for it by just analyzing their reports.

The tool gives you unique satisfaction in segregating the hardworking people from lazy employees. Moreover, you can identify the positive and negative graphs of your employees where you can plan the training programs accordingly.

Different individuals carry different levels of learning styles and work capacities. As the major motto of the feedback tool is to examine the employee, you could designate them into several departments by offering them learning modules and arranging training sessions which suits their levels.

Power of the tool on employees

You are well known that after receiving the feedback reports, how your employee reacts towards it. Due to characteristic differences existing among your employees, you cannot merely conclude that they will give a collective positive or negative response. It varies from one individual to the other.

Those who are passionate about learning will learn from their mistakes and those who have a pessimistic attitude opposes to people’s reactions. Being a manager, you have to balance all these craps. The motivation factors mentioned in the feedback forms motivates your employees apart from your negative scores. It builds a strong willpower within them making them stuff enough to face the twists and turns of your company.

Not you only use the feedback tools but also suit your employees to give feedback on you. This kind of interchanging the feedback reports builds a strong relationship between you and your employees. The tool suggests ideas what to change and what to not change in you and in your company from the reviews you get from the employees. Instead of using separate bar graphs and histogram, the feedback tool is comprised of pie charts that picture the performance levels of your employees along with the percentage of growth seen in your companies.


What for you are waiting next? Hurry up and update your software programs and mobile phones which experience the difference! The feedback tool functions properly when you modernize your software applications and operating systems of your mobile phones. Last but not least; the innovative tool replaces the manual checking of your feedback reports thereby reducing your burden. Moreover, it saves time and space needed to store huge databases on professional feedbacks. Thus one can conclude that the amazing tool suits you and your business to cope with the modern era of technologies.

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