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» » 5 Types of Logo Designs & What Makes Them Memorable for Audience

A logo is only of a great significance if everyone recognizes it. Every category or type of the logo design has their own importance,butthere are different techniques and aspects that help them become memorable, let’s discuss how.

1.      Visual Double Entendre Logos

There are so many logo designs that are nice but doesn’t have a memorable impact on the human mind, only a few of the simple and ordinary logo designs are considered as the notable ones. It is not a difficult thing to come up with a thought of making a logo design memorable. One only has to think out of the box, combine a few things, and create something unusual.

Visual double entendre logos are undoubtedly the most mesmerizing logo designs one can create. It is not only fascinating but also leaves an impactful impression on the human brain. The unique technique that makes this kind of the logo design exclusive is how nicely and professionally the logo designers merge multiple objects to provide visuals to the company name or nature of the business. Almost every professional logo designer UAE knows exactly how to create a perfect double visual entendre logo designs.

2.      Wordmark Logo Designs

The name of the brands is evidently the choice of the owners, but it has a great impact on the logo design as well. The logo design tahat has the name of the trademark in it makes it more visible and prominent for the audience to memorize the name of the brand, whereas the other logo designs have to be way too unique to get the attention of the audience.

Wordmark logo designs are the ones that carry the entire name of the company or the brand, but it is obvious that the companies that have big names or have a very long spelling in their brand names cannot possibly have the Wordmark logos. So eventually the companies that have smaller namesget the Wordmark logo designs to promote their product or services in a better way.

3.      Lettermark Logo Designs

It is not necessary that the companies that consist of the long names cannot showcase their names in their logo designs, as there are many different ways the logo can be designed. A logo designer has to be very talented and a pro at creating the logo designs in order to produce a unique design for the company. Every professional logo designer UAE knows the creative techniques to include the brand’s name in their logo designs.

If any company has their options erased for having the Wordmark logos due to having the long names, then they can select the Lettermark logo designs for their brand. Lettermark logos only consist of the initials or the abbreviations of the brand’s name. The best example of the Lettermark logo design can be taken from the logos of HBO and IMDb. We often denote these platforms name using the terms HBO and IMDb, without even knowing their full form, and yet they are very popular with everyone.

For Extra Knowledge: Full form of HBO is “House Box Office,” and IMDb means “Internet Movie Database.”

4.      Pictorial Logos

People have this impression that pictorial logo designs are too easy to create, or some people have the thought that companies that don’t have a very hefty budget for their logo designs get the pictorial logo designs. Whereas, both of these conceptions are nothing more than just false theories. Getting the use of the pictorial logo design is often tricky sometimes. It is the job of the logo designer to add an element of recognition in the logo design to make it classy and memorable for everyone.

The logo design of Apple Inc. is also a pictorial logo design,but it is the bite taken from the apple that makes it unforgettable and a great hit. Using the picture is not a big deal in the logo design, it is true, but how to make it remarkable is the real deal, which is certainly not a job every other person.

5.      Mascot Logo Designs

Although Mascot logo designs are not common with everyone but it is indeed of great significance, as there are numerous big brands that have used the illustrative characters in their logo designs to make it memorable for everyone. Some people have this impression that mascot logo designs only consist of the illustrative image of the owner of the brands, like KFC, but the truth is different as it is evident that the owner of the planters is not a peanut yet they still have a mascot logo with the image of Mr. Peanut in it.

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