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» » Having Internet Issues? Switch to Mesh Wifi System

Despite the internet service providers’ constant efforts to provide their customers with high-speed WiFi connections, the wireless router remained pretty much the same. With your WiFi slowing down, your work slows down too. The streaming movies along with the research work and other activities face interruptions which we, of course, hate the most. Besides, you also have some dead zones at your place where the signal won’t reach, such as any corner or room in your house. Surprisingly, you can fix these issues by switching to a mesh WiFi router system.
What exactly is Mesh WiFi?
The popularity of smart home devices and streaming media services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hotstar have made high-speed internet connection a must. To cover your entire home with reliable internet, WiFi system like Mesh is at your resort. The mesh WiFi system is basically a router that connects directly to your modem and a series of satellite modules, or nodes, that you place throughout your house. A wireless mesh network uses multiple network devices to ensure adequate coverage of a large area. This system is the latest upgrade for home WiFi networks. Also, it has been used for years in large places where a secure network is critical, like military bases and businesses.
Benefits of Mesh Routers
Solves Network Issue
The most obvious benefit is increased WiFi coverage. This solution is mostly for the big houses or oddly shaped apartments, or areas that span several floors. The modular nature of mesh networks let you expand your network when you need it to. The coverage is seamless when moving between access points. With the regular router, you will need to configure both networks and make sure the connection is bridged properly. However, the mesh network system is modern and easy to use.
Easy Setup and App-Based Network Management
The most important feature of Mesh routers is that they provide easy network access. Most of the mesh routers are automated, allowing easy management through a mobile app, even when you are not at home. The users can also scan their internet speeds, cut off WiFi access to certain networks, create and test networks and so on.
More Secure
Apart from easy management, mesh router kits come with good security support. The easy management can help you keep your mesh router safe. Many also automatically check and install firmware updates.
Streamline Connections
In the traditional routers, devices like range extenders are used to repeat signal so WiFi can be accessed. For this, many extenders require you to create a separate network, with a separate name, which also means you have to switch WiFi connections, sometimes manually. While on the other hand, the mesh router does not require constant reconnection, even as you move from room to room.
More Robust Than a Simple Router
A wireless mesh network is designed to handle high volumes of traffic in a big area. All traffic and route handling are automatic so you will have no need for QoS scheduling when you want to play any game or watch something on Netflix. The simple router, on the other hand, is complicated and less secure with frequent issues in network issues.

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