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Crooks all around the world use old methods combined with new technology to con millions of people every year. The percentage of people being scammed has been seen to increase drastically over the past few years. Also, this year has been reported to be a pretty good year for scammers.

The question here is what you can do to save yourself from being scammed? What precautions you must take to avoid scams? To find out, keep reading!

Identify imposters

In order to gain personal information from you, the scammer pretends to be someone you trust. That is, your family, friends, some charity group you are a member of or a government representative. Be careful and do not reply to any call, text or email you aren’t familiar with.

In fact, you should check for the number on online directories such as https://check-caller.net/.

Don’t pay any sort of upfront

The scammer will try to convince you to make a deposit for multiple reasons. It can be winning a lottery, some new job, credit card payments or anything of this type. Do not make any payments on call. Be 100% sure before you make any move.

Talk to someone

If you are at the other end of receiving any such call, talk to someone from your family or friends. Take a second opinion and along with their suggestion come up with a solution.

Don’t fall for robocalls

On answering the call if you hear any recorded sales pitch, do not follow any instructions given and immediately report it to FTC. The products being sold on such calls are fake and it is just another way to have your money.

To learn more about robocalls click here.

Think twice about free trials

Many scammers make use of this technique. They offer you a free trial of their product but also make you put in all your payment information for future. However, they keep charging you on monthly basis for the free trial until you finally decide to cancel. So, if there is any such type of free trial where payment info is also required, that is surely a scam!

Tally your bank statements

Just in case you have signed up for any such promotion, keep an eye on your monthly bank statements. If you see any unusual payment being made, contact your bank right away and ask for their assistance.

To con people has become very easy because of latest technology and various new methods as already mentioned. But our busy lifestyle has also contributed a lot to it. How is that so? Well, we are too busy to counter check any unusual activity or whatsoever.

It is highly advisable to stay cautious about such things as your slight carelessness can cost you a lot. 

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