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Fortnite is the most adventurous esport currently. It was released in 2017 with two game modes initially. In 2018, it released its third mode. Even with only two years since it was released, more than 130 million players are into Fortnite. Some being the beginners while others, the experts. For the beginners and experts alike, Frager is the best opportunity to buy and sell coaching lessons, Fortnite accounts, and Fortnite items.


In Fortnite, gamers are able to access three modes: Save the World, Battle Royale, and Fortnite Creative. Each game mode has its own map, number of players, characters and objectives.

Looking upon the characters, Fortnite heroes are the second most important thing. Each player must choose from one of the four heroes in the game. The four heroes are Soldiers, Ninjas, Constructors, and Outlanders. Each hero has unique abilities and acquires specific skills. Some excel at jumping and escaping while others are master constructors and searchers. You can choose the one depending on your role in the game. 

Whatever game mode and the hero you choose, the real skill is to make it to the win. And that is possible through learning the masteries of Fortnite. Don’t worry as Fragrr is here to help with anything you need regarding Fortnite.

Why Fragrr?

Whether you want to buy or sell Fortnite coaching, Fragrr has made it easiest for you. At Fragrr, you are going to come across some experienced and professional sellers who are the perfect coaches. In order to master the art of building, collecting a lot of items and V-bucks, and fighting skillfully, you need to choose the right hero. After choosing that, you should be able to use its expertise to the full extent. For that, you would need an expert’s help. So, if you need Fortnite coaching or can coach Fortnite skills, Fragrr is here to help!

In addition to coaching, our sellers also have a variety of Fortnite items you need to make it to the win. Be it Crafting items, Weapons, Consumables or traps, you can find all of them at Fragrr at affordable rates. With the coaching and items together, there’s no chance you can lose the game. So, don’t miss out on this opportunity to be one of the best Fortnite players.

Moreover, Fragrr also offers you Fortnite accounts. Whether you want to buy a Fortnite account or sell your Fortnite account, you can do that at Fragrr with a lot of ease and comfort. Also, you don’t need to worry about being scammed or hacked. To secure your accounts, we have developed a PlayerGuardian System to add layers of security to your account. Get a Fortnite accounts from Fragrr now.

Moreover, every member maintains an online profile with our PowerSeller system as each buyer and a seller is going to get ratings and reviews after each experience at Fragrr.

So, sign up now as you are just a few clicks away from becoming a part of Fragrr community which is going to make you a Fortnite expert.

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