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» » How to Transfer a National Domain

In this tutorial we will see how to transfer domain name registration of all your national domains. If you wish to transfer only a few domains go to the help page of the Registry.

The steps we bring here can be used both to transfer national domains from your Registry to another company, from another company to other Registry and even to transfer domains from one company to another.

It may seem a bit strange that in all these cases the transfer is done by the Registry website, but this happens because it is the entity responsible for the registration and maintenance activities of all national domains.

Here are the steps you need to take to successfully transfer a national domain:

Log in to the Registry website. If you don’t have account in the Registery, you will need to create an account on the site. To do this, just click on "CREATE ACCOUNT". In this case, please inform the same document (CPF or CNPJ) that you used to register with the company where you registered the domain.

When accessing your account, click the "HOLDER" box and then "EDIT INFORMATION".

Search for "SERVICE PROVIDER" and click "Select another provider".

Select the company to which you want to transfer your domain and click "SAVE". If you are in another company and want to transfer your domain to the other Registry, simply select "NONE". Remember that when saving you will be transferring the registry of all your domains.

If you are transferring your domain from a company to other Register, then the process is finished. You will receive an email from the entity confirming the change. If you are transferring your domain to a company, proceed to the next and last step.

Fill out the company form to which you want to transfer your domain. Most companies use a form to perform the transfer, which you can find on the company's own website or ask the support. After you complete it, the company will contact you and perform the latest settings to complete the transfer. Furthermore, use Regnames to improve your domain name service

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