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» » Technology Trends for Corporate Businesses – Then and Now

Business before Technology

Business companies faced many problems in the past years. Business organizations didn’t able to get customers directly also the communication was an issue. Companies only have access the local markets, international market was the dream for businesses. Organizations missed the opportunity of energetic and efficient worker from all over the world as company remote employee. Most of businesses was shutting down because of limited resources to enhance the sales and services.

Business after Technology

Than technology came into the modern world. Technology just not affecting on the society and personal life style, every sector of life affected from it even business trends and strategies has changed. Business companies invented several ways to improve their business procedures and process which was very sluggish and ineffective before the innovation in technology. Now companies have access to their customers directly without any middle man. They can deliver them detail about company product and services in a convenient and simple way sticky menu. Technology is transforming the business methods rapidly. Being a business owner, there is necessary for him to keep an eye on new business technology trend which becomes the reason of enormous profit for company.

Important Factor

Before starting, I had like to like you about one necessary thing which is commonly used in businesses and it is an essential part for any organization. That is the use of technology devices such as iPad, tablet and other related electronic devices. Small businesses which can’t afford it but they want improvement in their business and income, they have to hire the iPad from iPad hire companies on a daily basis and use it for business rather than buy it.

Here we will discuss some technology trends which are getting popular in business 2019 which was not available in older era:

·         Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
·         Virtual Reality (VR)
·         Social Media Marketing (SMM)

        Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
20 or 30 years ago, there was nothing businesses could do for approach to the international clients and customers. They only have access to the local customers. But after the revolution in technology. The tools of technology started to help the business owners to promote their business across the world in an effective way. Through the search engine optimization tools, business organizations now rank up their websites or blogs in Google or other internet provider platform and approach to the all over the world. For this purpose companies used different types of technology software’s like Alexa and Siri.

Virtual Reality

People want to communicate with each other in every field of life. They want to finish the distance and limitation barrier perceived them and their goals. World had become a global village because of virtual reality technology. Through this technology, business organizations improve their recruitment process and procedure. Now employee could give his weekly report to the manager as he sit in front of him while sitting at home chair. The value of this technology has immense

But this technology is expensive rather than the other invented technologies. Everyone can’t afford it. If you want to use it in your office for better result in the shape of enormous profit, than you should prefer to hire the VR from VR Rental companies rather than buy it. Through this way, business companies can save their time and money also.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is a powerful and dominating tool which is overcoming the world of business. Companies are generating billions of dollar with the use of this tool. There are world total population is 7.3 billion and the mobile uses are 6.7 billion according to the PhoneCount and 4 billion active users on internet which connected with each other. Such as social media platform Facebook is very popular social platform approximately, there are 2 billion users of Facebook. Business organizations sells their products and services also become able to increase the customer relationship through social media marketing.

GDPR Software

As businesses, operating in the EU, scramble to implement new policies and methodologies that respect the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the demand for this to be streamlined and automated became apparent. As a solution, GDPR systems anonymizes records by identifying personal information in a company’s system. Automation, in this way, can save an organization time and money spent on training employees on compliance. GDPR came into effect in 2018 and is therefore a trend to that will gain traction in the foreseeable future as more business processes continue to be automated. 

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