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There are some games that almost all players first come to mind if they are asked about their favourite hobby. Games Grand Theft Auto without a doubt. Grand Theft Auto and GTA 2 with the concept of an open world revolutionized the game world. Only with its subsidiary in 3D happened with Rockstar, but then a big leap forward was born, and one of the world's largest Spiel franchises was born. GTA San Andreas!

GTA: San Andreas - a gangster paradise

GTA: San Andreas, based around the engine and mechanics of GTA 3, first launched the game in the solar kingdoms of California. When gang member Carl "CJ" Johnson returns to his native San Andreas, he realizes that both his old friends and his family are in trouble. Although he only wanted to highlight the death of his mother, he will soon again be in a big gang war.

GTA San Andreas

All new features make Rockstar

GTA san andreas download presented the first game of the series with many role-playing elements. So, CJ can be engaged in the local gym and build up good muscle mass. If you spend more time in the fast food store, it will soon become rancid, and your stamina will decrease. But it also led to unpopular side effects: "The Infamous" is a mission in which CJ has to dive for a long time. If the talent has not been adequately trained before, the player must first dive into the area for a more extended period so that CJ can stay underwater longer.

GTA San Andreas Initially played on PlayStation 2, and now available for the Xbox and PC if you can browse around these guys. Through Steam or Xbox Live, the full version can be easily purchased and downloaded. For those who enjoyed the scenery, in November 2017, Rockstar had good news: in 2018, GTA 5 will return to San Andreas. Plans and previously painted rural areas of GTA 4 also seem to celebrate their return.

GTA coat of arms of Andreas

GTA san 'Andrea's weapon
Removed from the guard: cuffs, knuckles
Melee: knife, electric saw, baseball bat, box for graffiti, rubber dildo, vibrator, katana, fire extinguisher, walking stick, bouquet, police baton, shovel, billiard cue, golf club
Pistols: pistol, silenced pistol, Desert Eagle
Submachine gun: Intratec DC-9, MAC-11, MP5
Shotguns: shotgun, detachable shotgun, SPAS-12
Rifles: rifle, sniper rifle
Assault rifles: AK-47, M4
Heavy weapon: RPG-7, the anti-tank guided missile, minigun, flamethrower
Launch weapons: hand grenades, tear gas, Molotov cocktail, remote-controlled backpack bombs
GTA: San Andreas Mods

At the moment, you will not find a hot coffee mod for GTA: San Andreas, but we offer some of the best sources of San Andreas mods on the web:

Returning to his native state of San Andrés, Carl "CJ" Johnson realizes that his friends are still in serious trouble. CJ quickly enters a gangster war of unimaginable proportions and returns to arms.

Because even the death of his mother is not an accident, when corrupt cops suddenly intervene, Carl needs new and influential friends in San Andreas.

GAT San Andreas – download and characteristics

The game presents some new features in the proven game of the GTA series. Thus, CJ improves its values, such as health, resistance, and knowledge of firearms through active use.

The elements of role-playing games: improving skills through use.
Gang Wars: defend your territory from other gangs.
Gym: Learn new attacks, strengthen your body and burn fat in the gym
Fressbuden: buy French fries, hamburgers or pizza and fatten (fat = punch)
A great city with different environments, natural phenomena.
Tattoo techniques, repainting artists, and clothing boutiques are abundant.
Participate in illegal racing on the road or in competitions for weak riders.

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