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» » 5 Things that Professional Moving Companies Won’t Move

The entire moving process is like a big headache and you may get depressed at times. All of the planning, packing, and ensuring everything are in order for the big day can make you go crazy and you might feel stressed.  To make sure your move is a faultless one, you want to avoid packing items that will make your move one tough job. So given below is the list of things which you should ignore from packing so as to stay safe.

Leave the uproot Behind
A number of moving, companies will suggest you not to pack and move food to shun any unwanted surprises, like drawing mice or pests to your sweet-smelling cuisine. Perishables and frozen items, such as produce or meat, should also stay behind so you or your loved ones are safe from constricting a foodborne illness. Rather than throwing the food, you should contact the company which will give them to the needy ones so that the food is not wasted.
Hazardous Chemicals or Materials
You should not pack any material which is toxic or flammable. The list includes fuel, chemicals, or propane tanks. For liability purposes, moving companies will not get involved in transporting dangerous materials. If there is something you are not sure about, simply contact your moving company and request a copy of the lists which they will not move. You’ll find that a number of movers will also not be moving firearms, meaning you’ll be accountable for bringing any guns or similar equipment you own to your new home. Not even if they are licensed hunting assembled AR-10 rifles, because of the problem it can cause for them in transit.
Valuables and Cash
If you are planning on moving the family heirlooms, valuable jewelry, money, securities, antiques or any other valuables, it’s best to take the moving of those items by your own self. Although reputable movers will take the suitable insurance coverage, you can save yourself the time and headache of trying to restore lost or damaged items by packing these items in a separate bag,
Furry Four-Legged Friends
Even if it’s a pet snake or any other animal you should never keep the animals in the back of a moving van. Not only will most local moving companies say no to transport living animals, but it can be dangerous to the safety of your pet as it can fall ill or maybe it can die too. When you are taking a car or plane to your new destination, you should take full care of your pet that is you make them arrive at your new home happy and healthy. In addition, you should reach out to your veterinarian to discuss the best possible means for transporting your pet so their trip is as relaxed and safe as possible.

Follow these tips for your next move, to make it simple and less stressful. Not everything should be packed when you have opted to make your new move. Moving to a new area is hard enough, so don’t add more complexity as you get ready for your new home.

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