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» » A Sneak Peek into Significant Things You Need to Know About the E-Log Mandate

The new federal rule, as imposed on 2017, requires the trucking organizations to record the service hours on ELDs. According to the government regulators, the ELDs not only enhance safety and efficacy in trucking but also make tracking and reporting of drivers’ hours comparatively precise. Well, there are varied opinions on whether or not ELDs are mandatory. Some owner operators are still of the opinion that E-logs hardly benefit the industry.  Being unaware of the advantages, the truckers also threatened to quit their jobs if they are forced to install ELDs.

Are you keen on knowing how this rule affected the industry? If yes, go through the following write-up:

Mixed Reaction

ELD requirement was proposed in 2014 to which varied industry groups had different opinions. FMCSA ELD mandate was supported by American Trucking Associations as they believed that the device will enhance safety on the highways.  However, opposition always came from OOIDA questioning whether or not the ELDs record the hours-of-service accurately.  Also, they expressed their concerns that it may violate the privacy rights the drivers.

Compliance Time

The rule suggests the carriers making use of paper logs should opt for ELDs within a year or two. As per the estimation of FMCSA, nearly 3 million drivers are still reliant on the paper logs. The trucking companies using the automated onboard devices for recording still have almost 4 years to make a switch to ELDs.

Technology Requirements

Drivers that filed the record-of-duty status should make use of e-logs, which enable data transfer accurately to law enforcement. Well, this can only be done via Bluetooth, Smartphones, printouts and UBS. The ELD mandate needs e-log devices that should be properly synchronized with the truck’s engine. Also, it should be manufactured by the FMCSA-certified expert. The drivers are always permitted to use wireless devices such as ELDs and smart phones to meet the technical specifications as mentioned on the official FMCSA website.

Privacy Protection 

ELD mandate is among the modern safety measures that emerged since 2000s. Certain industry groups are greatly concerned with the regulations that the drivers are bound to follow. ELD rule mostly depicts government intrusion on ways the truck drivers perform their jobs. However, FMCSA also stated that it will confirm whether or not the electronic logs continue residing with the drivers and carriers. Law enforcement and regulators can have access to data only during accident investigations, compliance reviews and roadside inspections.

According to the regulators, the new rule enables the drivers to keep trucking with ELD at ease instead of being pressurized to work for extra hours. The ELD rule also allow the drivers to file harassment complaints if they are forced to work while being ill or fatigued. Also, the federal regulators suggest that ELDs are harder and accurate manipulate as compared to the paper logs.  ELDs also save the trucking companies ample amount of money, paperwork and time as well.

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