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» » Popular Android Apps for Martial Arts Practitioners & learners

You can always find out a class or trainer in your city or locality for your martial arts practice. But then if you do not have a trainer or martial arts club in your area; then you can rely on applications. 

Thesedays’ android applications are there to brush up and expand your martial arts skills and traits.

Of course, if you have never explored the options in martial arts applications then you should do it now. This post is going to acquaint you with some of the most popular and useful martial arts applications. After all, when applications can help you in getting the best training and knowledge about martial arts, you must go for them. Have a look below:


This is a good jujitsu app that you can get both on your Android or iOS device. The application has still photos that you can scan through. The lack of videos and clips maybe quite a disappointment, but  the developers of this applications feel that it is easier to understand the proper techniques in photo format. Moreover you can get the description of each photo and hence get an idea about the technique and method. 

Moreover, the pictures and the frames are from different directions so that you get to know about the body positions in the best way.The coolest thing is that this application is absolutely easy to navigate, as the methods and techniques are sorted into categories such as back attacking and top guard. There are ninety moves taught in this application and that is not bad at all.

Taekwondo White Belt

This is a powerful app that is geared towards the learners and the beginners. For one, there’s a section that is devoted on the history and philosophy of taekwondo. There are even proper detailed instructions explaining basic techniques, with pictures and videos and there are also descriptive text given. This app is very convenient to navigate and there are more popular techniques that it caters to users. You would find this app really useful and effective. Your doubts would be clear about this art and hence clarity would lead you to better understanding.

Learn Karate

This is a free application both on android and IOS. It means you can get the basic app for free.   Actually this is a handy practice resource, mainly for novice or beginner karate students. Aside from the lessons on karate methods and techniques, it has tips on how to construct strength and improve flexibility. There you would also come across a section on symbolic attack and defence postures that students must learn. The techniques and postures told in this application are in the format of videos too and proper pictures are also given therein.


Thus, do 9apps download and you would get a free access to all these applications.  The play store would make sure that you easily get these applications.  The play store is quick, light in weight and really user friendly. Ti would be a bridge between you and all the apps that you desire for.

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