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» » What happens to all the old wind turbines?

Have you ever made your way to the wind turbine graveyard, we like to tell you that it is in North Platte River located in Casper, Wyoming that lots of old wind turbines are there!

You might be wondering what happens to these old sets of wind turbines, here you can know that. In this specific location, you can see and have a look at almost 1,000 fiber-glass turbine blades.

Furthermore, these old turbine blades have reached and complete their 25-year working lives.

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Old wind turbines- what is done with them?

It normally and usually happens that these old wind turbines are cut into three pieces and then these pieces are eventually stacked and buried.

Most noteworthy, all those turbines that were part of the first great 1990s wave, they are reaching and almost meeting to the end phase of their life expectancy.

Many companies dispose of these old turbines in an environmentally-friendly way but this is not the correct solution to this problem.

Moreover, burying these oldest of all turbines, this is not a handy solution as well.

Why it is tough to recycle wind turbines made of carbon fiber?

We have seen that current models of wind turbine blades are built up by using and with the help of composite materials.

On the other hand, the old blades are made and constructed from glass fiber and the newer one blade is made from carbon fiber.

By using these respective composite materials available in the form of carbon fiber, this is comparatively lightweight, powerful, and strong material.

Same way, these same materials are extremely hard and tough to recycle.

If these new turbines are tough and difficult to recycle, then this does not mean that you just toss and throw them in the landfill.

What you can do is to transform and convert these fiber-glass composites all and completely into small pellets.

How to recycle wind turbines that can no longer be used?

According to experts, these small pellets are given the name of EcoPoly.

In addition, you can, later on, utilize these pellets right into injectable plastics. Furthermore, you can make use of them to make these waterproof boards that are commonly and widely availed in the construction industry.

Some of the experts have devised and developed a program where they are going to track the performance and life-span of these wind turbine blades.

This tracking will help them to come up with ways to recycle these turbines and their blades easily.

You can also follow this technique of pyrolysis to recycle turbines or their blades. Here the blades of a turbine are first of all chopped and cut down.

This pyrolysis breaks up and cracks down these composite fibers. Besides, this process takes place in an oven and the inert atmosphere should fall at about 450-700C temperature range.

Hence, this whole recycling process recovers fibers that can well be re-used and re-availed for glues, paints, and also for concrete.

Bigger wind turbines- Are they better or challenging in recycling?

It is true that bigger and larger wind turbines give us benefits but they are accompanied and paired with some challenges as well.

When these big turbines become old and no longer function, when what is done with them?

Bigger and longer blades turn out this process of recycling tougher and harder.

Most importantly, it is this composite fiber-glass material present in blades that are identified as the most difficult and immensely expensive part to recycle.

But, this entire process of recycling is making great moves and progress and we hope to see more solutions regarding the fact what best can be done with these old wind turbines. 


If you have some ideas to solve this problem, then do share it with us.

Keep in touch with us as more details are coming up.

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