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» » How to frame your content marketing strategy based on key events?

How does content marketing work?

It is basically a practice involving the creation and promotion of content across various online channels. Content is not a monolith that can be classified into a single category. Preference for content keep changing with time.

Podcasts are an example of this point. Five years back, podcasts were still an underground phenomenon and not part of the content mainstream. Now, any company putting out content first considers the possibility of publishing podcasts.

One of the more immediate ways to observe changes in content is looking at key events. Take the end of the year as an example. Many companies consider updating their content strategies during the festive season in order to engage with their target audience. This updation of content strategy isn’t just restricted to simple blog content. Even social media copy, ad copy, video content, and a number of other content channels come under the spotlight.

This begs the question – how should marketers frame their content marketing strategy around key events? Here’s a brief guide explaining the same.

Step #1 – Study the context of the event with respect to your audience

Every culture is different. This should naturally help you understand that audiences are different as well.

An event may hold a lot of significance to one set of audience and less so for another.

Let’s take an example and assume you’re running a Diwali sale on your drop-shipping store. Making Diwali references in your ad copy is a natural instinct. However, this strategy may not work very well while targeting audiences in South India. This is because Diwali is largely a North Indian festival.

Understanding these vagaries within the target audience while shaping a content marketing strategy. Once you know the significance of an event to your audience, you can start framing your content copy.

Step #2 – Select best content medium

We generally think of content and assume it is text. This is not always the case. Content can mean video, audio, text, or a combination of these mediums.

Your content marketing strategy must reflect the medium your audience is most open to.

Not all segments of the audience are looking for blogs. Not all are active on YouTube or listen to podcasts. Every segment of your audience will have different content medium preferences.

Selecting the ideal content medium can become especially tedious when we add the prospect of event-based content planning. You have to specifically analyze which content medium performs best around a certain type of event.

Step #3 – Add event references

No content marketing strategy based on a coming event is compete without making references to the same. Make sure the content you put out makes references to the relevant event. This is essential to actually make your content strategy work around a given content.

Study the content put out by other competing companies and improve upon their efforts.

In conclusion

This article covers three steps you should follow while framing a content marketing strategy around key events.

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