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If you have created an excellent online course but are still struggling hard to find people who are interested in buying your course then you need to understand that it is not your course which is not selling. It is just that you are not making it visible to your target audience.

Read this article till the end to know how you can do the marketing Sell of your online courses.

How to market your online courses?

1-   You need to have a dedicated website.

Having your own website is as important as creating the course because you will definitely want a place from where your students can know about you and your courses. Having your own website gives you the opportunity for Search Engine Optimization to drive buyers to your courses organically. Are you finding it hard to create your own website, we suggest you to look no further than Spayee. It’s our personal favourite.

2-   Start writing Blogs.

-        Simply having a website is not enough, Google rewards sites that consistently publish engaging and valuable content. Your audience can know about what you are offering in your courses when you share information about them in your blogs. Blog about topics which are related to your niche and make sure you use relevant keywords.

3-   Don’t forget to mark your Online Presence.

-        Create dedicated accounts of your online school on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Twitter.  Don’t use them only for adverts instead regularly post content which is engaging and also provides value to your target audience. Encourage people to comment and interact with you and build conversations. Do everything that you can to get them engaged and keep them engaged.

4-    Paid Ads.

-        Apart from SEO, paid advertising is a great way to guide more traffic to your site and increase business. With time, the organic reach of the platform goes down, so you can not always depend on the organic reach of the platform. Ads can be created in mere minutes and there are various tools that can help to create the necessary images. Today nearly all social media platforms have paid advertising facilities and

5-   Email Marketing.

-        Don’t forget to build an email list because it will help you to nurture your leads and convert them into customers. The best advantage of email marketing is its lower cost. It will also help you in keeping your leads updated about your upcoming courses and webinars.

6-   Stay connected with learners after the sale.

-        Connect with your learners on a regular basis like you can have weekly webinars where you can get the feedback/reviews from your learners. You can also inform them about your upcoming courses through these live webinars. This will also help you in building trust among your target audience. When your learners feel connected with you, they will start referring you to their relatives/friends/colleagues. Use Spayee, it offers public forum and course wise discussion and you can also engage with your learners using messenger.

7-   Don’t forget to build your Personal Brand.

-        Last but not the least it is extremely important for your business to have your own Personal Brand. You will attract more leads and customers when you have done your personal branding right. It will help you in building trust among your target audience. By building your strong personal brand you are giving a face to your business and it is always a good idea. It will help your customers to relate with you on a personal level.  Yes, it is true that building a personal brand takes a lot of hard work but the benefits which it will bring to your business will make it worth it.

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