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"How to Google Like a Professional"  sounds a bit lame for a search query, but it can enhance your quality of googling. Most of the search engines have what we call "robot logic" which just basically tells you where to click to do a search. Well, Google applied that same logic and came up with an incredible solution. But you don't need to know how it works, no! You don't have to know "the right" thing but you need to know what the "right" things are to use them.

No matter who you are, the skill of using Google will not remain unused. For office workers, it may be a good way to find some information about suppliers. For college students - to find essay samples or a book that is rare. Or it may be some good you wanted to buy but were unable to find? It is a skill with a use for everyone!

Search with voice

Google enables you to create voice searches. When you're searching Google using any browser or using Google tool on Android or iPhone, you just need to tap on the microphone button and speak to Google, and it displays the result after receiving your input.

Some sittings

The advanced Google tricks and tips include the ability to set the language and country preference when searching through Google. Also, you can change your primary language and country settings, to let Google know which language or country you are located in, when doing a search. Also, it offers to find results that were posted in a certain timeframe.

Explicit Phrase

For those who are searching for something very strict, using the double quotes around your search term, lets Google see what you are searching for. If you are searching for information on weight loss, you should type in something like "most effective weight-loss method". Google will then highlight all of the relevant information that contains this phrase. If you type in anything else, Google highlights everything that you type. So, if you type in "my car needs new "tires"", Google brings up all of the sites that feature specific phrases such as "tires".

Excluding (and Adding) Words

If you want to find a book of special edition, you can exclude results you don't need. For example, type "the book of my dream -"soft cover" -ebook" and you'll see only hardcover options.

The same trick can be used if you look for specific information. Google the keyword +specifying word to get more accurate results.

OR operator

If you're not sure how something is called or it has a double term, you can combine few searches with OR operator. Keep in mind to write OR in capital letters.

The result will show you articles that contain one or another word of search. Good for scientific searches.

All Words in Text

With the help of all in text: you can find documents and articles that contain any of the searched terms in any order. When explicit phrase search looking for a certain phrase with a certain order, this function will help you to find more variants of information.

Search in text, title or URL

You can use any of these in the start of your query to find the certain info – in text:, in title: in url: Cone in hand when you know you need, for example, the instruction for something and you'll just google in title: Model of Gadget. Helps to filter unnecessary results.

Searching on a Website

Not all websites have search functions and it can be hard to find the article you need right now. Just type Site: before the site's address and add any term you are searching for in the address bar.

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