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Douyin, which has more than 600 million users per day in China as of 2021 is one of the most lucrative and promising apps in the world. Although it started as an online platform to share short videos, Douyin has evolved into a vast array of technologies that include artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and even eCommerce. Douyin is changing the way information is created, shared, and consumed online. Douyin is a powerful advertising tool that can be used by many Chinese businesses. We will provide information on Douyin ads and offer tips and advice about how to use Douyin effectively.

What is Douyin?

Douyin was released in 2016 by Chinese tech company Bytedance. It is one of China's most-loved social media apps. Its Western counterpart, Tik Tok, is probably something you have already seen. Douyin (Dou Yin ), literally means "vibrant song" and its name matches the short-form videos that are less than 60 seconds long. Users can combine them with dynamic background music or creative filters. Douyin's short-video content format is immediately different from other Chinese social media platforms like WeChat or Weibo. In these cases, the content focuses on text, images and longer videos.

Douyin has been joined by many famous brands around the world to build their online reputation and visibility. The app is most popular among the younger generation, who are more likely to use social media and shop on e-commerce platforms. Douyin, for example, can be very helpful to advertise your products if you want to link your Taobao Online Store to your official account.

Douyin: Why use it?

Participating in Douyin is a great way to build your online visibility and reputation. Douyin boasts 600 million daily active users and 800 million monthly users. Short-form video platforms, which were created in response to the pandemic, have been a great success with Millennials and Gen Z. The number of daily active users has increased by +200% in just two years! You probably know the potential impact this can have on your company. Douyin can be described as a window to China's market. You will reach a large audience in a very short time.

Douyin Paid Advertising

Douyin is a popular app among young users, so it has many options for brands to promote their brand.

You will need to be familiar with the most popular types of Douyin to advertise.

  • Open Screen Ad: This is the first thing people see when they open the application, right before they enter the video page.

Two types of open-screen ads are available: static (poster), and dynamic (video). The dynamic type allows full-screen or split-screen video playback. The static image will display for 3 seconds, while the video will display for 4 to 5 seconds. These are available to new accounts/companies at the very beginning of their development, but they do not have traffic.

Your ads will be displayed on the recommended page if the video is between 5-30 seconds and can only be shown once per day. The Ad is in the fourth position of the feed stream.

  • Feed Ads They are found on Douyin’s "recommendation” page. After scrolling a few times between videos to videos, an advertisement will appear in the lower-left corner.

·         Ads on stickers / filters Sticker ads can be found in the sticker bar. You can use them in your videos.

Brands and companies can create customized filters/stickers that users can add to their videos. Douyin users love funny and creative stickers. You can also challenge users to create stickers by introducing a topic. Vivo used sticker’s ads to advertise their phones a few years back. To encourage users to create videos with purple elements, they asked them to use a particular song and sticker. Participants who liked the most videos could win a trophy.

  • Advertisement in cooperatives means you will work with a KOL to promote your products and brand to its followers. The KOL can post short videos directly to the app or arrange live streaming.


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